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Philippe Pignatelli is a Belgian dark techno producer with Italian roots. He's always been attracted and inspired by the more dark genres of music, from black metal and hardcore (gabber) in the 90's to dark psytrance and psycore the last decades.

His first experiences in creating music where layed in the mid 90's, playing in some metalbands as a vocalist. After some years of silence, he started producing electronic music as a bedroomproducer, in particular hardcore and dark psytrance. Only since 2018 he got into dark techno and created Klankwerken as his alias, it can be translated as 'Soundworks'.

Klankwerken brings you deep, dark sounds, solid and pumping kicks and roling basses as if you are on a rollercoaster in a haunted house. You just get lifted up and start to move to the rhythm, it only puts you down when the music stops.

Weerklank EP 

- The Lamb (preview)

- Osaka (preview)

- Weerklank (preview)

- Sallow Submarine (preview)

- Flyby (preview)