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If it wasn't for their encounter in kindergarten, the world had to miss out on Phe-Clique. Their shared taste in electronic music has lead to non-stop dancing on the dancefloor/living room, producing, mixing, party hosting and even hosting their own radio show.

Phe-Clique brings a signature sound that combines harder and more energetic tracks within the world of Tech-house, Techno and Minimal. We’ve been hardly influenced by the early electro days. From the early Dr. Lektroluv compilations till the electro party’s in Club Silo. When the electro scene blossomed out we’ve started to focus on the Minimal/Tech-House/Techno scene. We are always on the search for tracks that still got a kind of strong and/or funky energy to it. In 2012 we’ve also started to host our own concept called Movement in Leuven. Today we’re still going hard with more than 35 editions up our sleeve. In 2018 we also had the opportunity to host a radio show on the local radio Scorpio station. We named our show Movement Radio after the party’s we host. You can catch us every wednesday (september-june) between 22u and 23u on 106FM or you can stream the show on

Phe-Clique - The Green Room (preview)

Phe-Clique - Fake Drugs (preview)