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Roman Faero


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Roman's passion for electronic music - transmitted by his brother - started at an early age and hasn't left him since. When he was just 14 years old, His deejaying talents caught the eye of Dj Fixtrax . Step by step, he climbed the ladder to become resident of the Ritual Techno parties, playing alongside artists such as Stanny Franssen, Pierre, Tomaz, Zzino, Tc Brain, ...

Creating the UNDERSESSION parties, he won the respect of his peers, co-organizing many successful events, playing in various Belgian clubs alongside world-renowned artists and founding the duo DEXT & ROM. He tours some of the most beautiful places of the Belgian music scene with his mentor DEXTER MALKOM to experience unforgettable moments of glory ...
Roman took a break from deejaying in 2009 and came back in 2013 as a composer, signing on the most respected labels and being remixed by artists like Paula Cazenave, Danny Casseau, Dj Bold, Manu Kenton, ... but it's in 2016 and 2017 that he reaches the top of djs/composers chart, appearing in some of the greatest set playlists. His efforts and hard work are recognized by all, he's invited to many events and relaunches UNDERSESSION for the delight of his friends, the purists, and the new generation looking for music and quality DJ sets.

- Dance Alone

- Day 'Night

- It's My Life! It's Your Life!