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Tie Kez

Tie Kez his story began in the golden age of rave's, the time of vinyls.

The birthplace of legendary labels as Bonzai and Cherrymoon.

Being part of the legendary "Wings of Helios”-rave that was founded in 1992 by Carlo Simeone, he was a well known dj for his energetic tracks and vibe. He played in most major Belgian clubs, what earned him a residency in the infamous Afterclub Outline!
But in 2002 he decided to give it a rest and focus on becoming a devoting familyman, but the ravebug didn't let him go... You spotted him on almost every decent Techno festival or rave there was in Belgium and abroad. And with ‘a gentle push’ of some close friends who were there in the past and the support of the Nobody Listens To Techno?-family, he started working on his comeback in mid 2018 with a purpose... Bringing back his energetic vibe, creating his own sounds and to prove you are never to old to chase your dreams!

Now after being a trustworthy NLTT? resident and artist, he is stoked to be part of Strohm Records (Bel), MTZ Noir Family (Bel) and Underground Label from Media Records (Italy).

All that in less then a year! Well this guy with his straight-up gentle personality is ‘young-old’-talented if you ask us!

Raving was and still is like breathing for him!

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Tie Kez - Rave The Rabbit (preview) OUT 31/10